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Wall Extensions

Modern day living often means that our neighbours are quite close. Using Instant Hedge Foliage as a wall extension is an innovative way to add height and privacy to your boundary walls.

Wall Extensions – Instant Hedge South Africa

We often live in close proximity to our neighbors in the modern world. A wall extension made from Instant Hedge Foliage is an innovative way to increase the height and privacy of a boundary wall.

Living in an urban area can sometimes make it difficult to secure the privacy we seek for our outdoor spaces. When houses are built closer together, it is essential to find creative solutions to ensure privacy and create a harmonious environment. With Instant Hedge, you can extend the height of your walls using foliage as an extension.

Extending the height and privacy of your boundary walls without compromising on aesthetics is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your property. A beautiful green boundary can be created with Instant Hedge Foliage as part of a wall extension.

Additionally, these wall extensions serve as natural noise barriers, which reduce noise pollution from the surroundings. The lush foliage creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, which makes your outdoor area an oasis.

The Instant Hedge wall extensions are constructed of high-quality materials that are durable and low-maintenance, requiring little maintenance. Due to its UV resistance, the foliage remains green and vibrant throughout the year. With a green boundary, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a green boundary without the hassle of regular pruning and watering.

With Instant Hedge Foliage wall extensions, you can customize the height and design according to your preferences. You can have a tall hedge for maximum privacy or a short hedge to create a sculptural element.

Make the most of your outdoor living space with Instant Hedge wall extensions. You will not only experience an increase in privacy and tranquility, but you will also create a visually appealing boundary that will add value to your home.